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I have been hiring Swept Away by Shaye to handle my personal residence, my airbnb's, and my residential apartments that my firm manages for approximately a year and I am always impressed with the quality of the work and the diligence her firm shows. The Chhom Group Real Estate has since referred Shaye to business associates without any hesitation. Shaye and her team helps me look good, which is important when dealing with Real Estate.

Amy C.

Shaye is a nice lady. She's very punctual, goes above and beyond without being asking to do so and she is very responsive. If you're looking for a reliable, consistent, skilled, and fairly priced cleaning service, just reach out to Shaye and all your problems will be swept away!

Don M.

Shaye was amazing!! We hired her for a deep clean move in and she went above and beyond! Shaye’s a rockstar no doubt!!! I’d hire her again in a heartbeat her meticulousness and attention to detail are what sold us!! Could not be happier!

Courtney C.

Swept Away By Shaye has been a lifesaver for our family over the past five years! Shaye and her team are absolute pros at keeping our home spotless and organized. Their attention to detail is impressive, and they always go the extra mile to make our living space look its best. Not only are they excellent at their job, but they are also reliable and trustworthy. We are grateful for their hard work and dedication. We highly recommend Swept Away By Shaye to anyone in need of a top-notch housekeeper!

Peter R.

Swept Away By Shaye has been cleaning my home for six years. I highly recommend Shaye and her team for their commitment to cleanliness and customer satisfaction. Shaye brings the highest standards to her business and always over delivers. Expect a personal understanding of your cleaning needs (down to the smells of products you prefer), consistent service, and a friendly trusted team you look forward to having in your home or office.

Jonathan D,

Shaye has been with us for about five years and I’m not exaggerating when I say our home and life could not function without her! In addition to our house, she also cleans a vacation rental we own. She is professional, personable, kind, and excellent with communication. Our homes are always in pristine condition after she cleans, and no detail goes unnoticed. Finding a high-quality cleaner can be difficult and we are lucky to have Shaye!

Alicia P.

Shaye is a fantastic businesswoman and cleaner, who takes pride in her work which shows in the way that she doesn't miss even the smallest details, cleaning the areas that most people neglect. She's passionate about her work and business, and is always kind and friendly, treating clients like people she enjoys talking to rather than another name to be added to the list. I highly recommend Shaye to anyone looking for a cleaner who's reliable, trustworthy, and consistent. A clean living space makes such a huge, positive difference. And the relief you'll get from not having to stress so much about those mounting cleaning projects is well worth it

Natasha S

Swept Away by Shaye is undoubtedly the best cleaning service we've had the pleasure of working with. From the moment we contacted Shaye to inquire about her services, we knew we were in for an exceptional experience. She has been a staple in our home for the past 5+ years.


Shaye and their team are true professionals, and it shows in every aspect of their service. It is evident that they take immense pride in what they do, and their passion for creating immaculate environments is truly amazing.


Moreover, the professionalism and reliability of Swept Away by Shaye are second to none. Shaye's mission to transform spaces into spotless havens is undoubtedly fulfilled in every cleaning session. Our comfort and productivity have noticeably improved since we started using her services. We can always count on returning to a home that feels refreshed, welcoming, and organized.


If you're looking for a cleaning service that surpasses all expectations, look no further than Swept Away by Shaye. Their exceptional standards, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence set them apart from the rest. I wholeheartedly recommend Shaye and their team to anyone in need of top-notch cleaning services. You won't be disappointed!


Shaye is the most professional, courteous and thorough home cleaning person who has ever cleaned my home. If you want the BEST cleaning of your home you want Swept Away by Shaye. You’ll be swept away!

Bret H.

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